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About Jermaine Adeshola Williams

The self-taught, multi-disciplinary creator was born in Los Angeles, California to Ghanaian and Nigerian parents.  Williams first creative memory is of his mother allowing him to draw on the walls of their home, as long as he “made it good”.  Heavily influenced by his upbringing in LA, the Bay Area and frequent extended trips to visit family in Africa, he credits the women in his life as primary sources of support and inspiration.  Specifically, the lessons of his grandmother in Jamaica, and the regular prayers of his grandmother in Ghana, with whom he speaks daily.  Williams day-to-day practice draws on skills and experiences acquired through years in the fashion, music and film industry as a creative director, photographer, painter and set designer.

I think of it, then do it…I don’t want to be famous.  I want to be known for helping and giving.  I don’t call myself an artist – it’s always just been there.  I’m a maker and creator and don’t like to limit the things I can explore.  I love trying to capture the small moments people feel everyday going about their lives that go unnoticed.  I want to create something that changes the way people feel and share positive energy.  I know what it’s like to struggle to breathe, so I’m grateful to be alive every day.  I hope you are too.                                                                                                      Jermaine Adeshola Williams


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You can have original Artwork and remaster pieces from Jermaine Adeshola Williams

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